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You're Fired!: Reefer Madness Is Alive and Well and Living in The White House!

YOU'RE FIRED! Before today if I heard those two words I associated it with that guy who had the show The Apprentice. After today and until the end of time this phrase will be associated with Joe Biden, the man I voted for, the man I trusted to do right by Cannabis. The guy who chose a VP said she was going to push the Decriminalization of Cannabis. What about it Ms. VP, what is your response to this? Do you acquiesce to this insane act of heartlessness?

The President of the United States just fired staff members who used Cannabis in the past. After assuring they would be safe if they would only tell the truth, then, FIRED!!! What in the F#*%! However, how surprised should we be?

On the campaign trail, he said that he still believed it was a gateway drug. But we thought Kamala would help change his mind, apparently, she has no sway over the President.

As I write this I am FUMING! I immediately turned to our social media accounts to respond with a video calling it out for what it is: complete and utter BULLSHIT!!

Mr. President, as the Pot Brothers at Law, famously say, SHUT THE F#*% UP® (when it comes to Cannabis). How can you justify firing people who used a plant that was made legal in some states (where these people were using)? This just boggles the mind! If you toked up at a concert a few years ago, now you are fired. Does this make any sense?

To make things worse, the President also said that he does not want anyone using Cannabis while working for the administration. WTF!?!?! What if a staff member has cancer, epilepsy or any one of a number of illnesses that Cannabis has been PROVEN to help?

I suppose his staff can pop all sorts of “prescription” pills and drink as much alcohol as they want. Why don’t you ban alcohol, Joe?

I just cannot wrap my head around this. The more I read and re-read what he did, the more appalled I become at the complete ignorance the President is showing when it comes to Cannabis. Mr. President, you badly need to be educated about the medicinal benefits of Cannabis that have helped people for thousands of years.

How about this Mr. President, in my world, YOU are FIRED!!!!

Nothing like a good meth lab being raided and taken down!

Nothing like a coordinated raid to take down white-collar criminals!

When most people think of raids that’s what we typically see in the movies and on TV. The reality is a large majority of raids center around cannabis. Particularly in our jurisdiction of California. You either have a city permit AND a state license or you are in the traditional (legacy) market.

Due to massive over regulations, over-taxation and many built-in obstacles the average mom-and-pop operations have absolutely zero chance of survival. In fact, may licensed business have already gone under or are so far in the red that they are trying to escape.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the law, business is booming. But, as with every booming business the state wants it tax. So, even if you are a legitimate Cannabis Patient (Under California’s Prop 215) and you are growing the 85 plants that you use as medicine throughout the year, you are still subject to a raid and confiscation of your medicine.

Every day we get calls of patients who are still being raided. These are not coordinated raids either. An electrical fire starts, the fire department comes, sees a grow then calls the cops. The cops do not care that the patient has rights under prop 215, this MUST be an illegal grow, one person cannot use all this.

These are common phrases seen in rubber-stamped police reports. The unfortunate truth is that for Cannabis Patients in California, the cultivation, consumption and transportation of medicinal cannabis is a CRIME first and you must then PROVE you are immune from prosecution under Prop 215.

How Do You Prove This?

Not that simple. First, you must have the physician's recommendation and a declaration from the doctor who issued it. The declaration works best when it lays out all of the patient's medical needs and a statement as to why Cannabis is the best medicine over other opiate alternatives.

Then since we have 85 plants, a Cannabis expert must be used to explain how the harvest of 85 plants works, what the actual yield will be, how the flower will be broken down into rubs, oils, tea, foods, joints, etc… and thus explaining how 85 plants can be used for one person's medicine over time. This is how we have to defend people who are raided.

Of course, a lot of these raids are people who are working under the cover of these patients' rights and are abusing the power of Prop 215, while making it more difficult for those seriously ill patients who are on the receiving end of unfortunate, wrong place wrong time raids.

The bottom line for me is that these raids on cannabis farms, grows, homes, wherever they are, need to just stop happening. There need to be regulations that allow for those who are thriving in the traditional market to slide over into the licensed legal market. There is room for everyone and Cannabis can save the Planet, if we stop raiding people.

Cannabis Expos Are Back and so is the #STFU® TOUR

Dear Carl & NUGL readers:

Please accept my apologies for the sudden end of my weekly articles, while back. Perhaps some of you don’t care, perhaps some of you do, either way I do not give a fuck. What I do give many fucks about is that I dropped off without notice to Carl or NUGL, and while time is precious and life can overrun us, we must be held accountable and own up to mistakes or mishandlings as they often occur in life. For my lack of communication, I apologize. In the future, my articles will appear based on my availability to sit and write.

What better time to write and reflect than on a four-hour plane ride? Particularly when you HATE to fly. I used to get drunk whenever I got on a flight, but I have not had a drink in nearly 3 years. I certainly consumed A LOT of THC & CBD and feel somewhat calm, yet still agitated at the fact that if I was supposed to be up in the air, I would have wings. Nonetheless. WE ARE BACK ON THE ROAD!!!!

Just before the world shut down, my brother and I (known as the Pot Brothers at Law® had signed a 3 City Tour deal for 2020 with to appear, hold meet and greets and give our seminar, The Etiquette of Engaging Law Enforcement: How to Shut The FUCK UP® (when cops ask questions). Of course, 2020 became the VIRTUAL YEAR, and we did our fair share (and probably a lot more) of virtual appearances for many events and expos, our own podcast, and of course, The Script Challenge™ was born and runs almost every Friday at NOON PST on our IG LIVE @pot_brothers_at_law.

Fast forward to May 2021: First up G4LIVE & THE BUDTENDER AWARDS at the Mandalay Bay with our crew from CANNABIS TALK 101, it was the first LIVE, in-person, Cannabis Business to Business Expo since the World opened up. We were vaccinated, maskless and it ROCKED!!! We will be back in Vegas for round 2 of the G4LIVE BUDTENDER AWARDS from September 29- Oct 2.

Then we took huge hits in OKC for the return of our seminar. From the moment we landed in OKC we felt the love of the #stfunation® everywhere we went. Happy to stop for selfies IF you knew to STFU® when cops ask questions. OKC was popping off with Cannabis businesses buzzing and ready to BOOM!! It was packed!!! I took a stroll down DAB ALLEY and had many, many fine dabs. I hit RELAX PARK and chilled with Jim Belushi and taught him The Script. Then, to a full audience and those who lined the walls when seats ran out, we performed our educational seminar. At this seminar, you will learn about your 4th and 4th amendment rights (it’s ok if you're not from the US because if you are here, you need to know) and how to peacefully engage law enforcement when pulled over or otherwise confronted by police. The seminar ended with my performance of a live version of our slam poem AM I BEING DETAINED OR AMI FREE TO GO?©

To be back out amongst people again, especially people in the Cannabis industry and those looking to get into the industry or just even curious, was a great feeling. As we strolled the exhibit halls, chants of Shut the Fuck Up® rang out, and we were amazed at how many people IN OKC know The Script©! We feel the impact we are making every time someone approaches and kindly thanks us “for the work” we do “educating people, the Script has saved our asses a few times”. That is a common quote from fans, followers and family alike. Please, if you don’t know The Script©, LEARN IT!!! Then share it with everyone you know and strangers you meet. Get THE SCRIPT© STICKERS and keep your rights stuck to your visor or windshield. That was a quick rant.

Being able to travel again and bring our distinct brand of educating and normalizing Cannabis use to every part of the World has been and will continue to be extremely gratifying. We believe that if EVERYONE (LAW ENFORCEMENT INDLCUDED) knows and understands the theory and mission of The Script©, interactions between police and citizens will be more civil and will end senseless deaths.

We are now headed to Detroit to continue with the Cannacon tour and our #STFU® Tour, COMING SOON to a CITY NEAR YOU!!!!

For more information go to we will be there in Denver in September 2022 and Virginia in October 2022.