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Assault & Battery

Assault and battery is a serious charge, and as such, it requires serious and immediate legal attention. If you are currently facing assault and battery charges, it is highly advisable that you secure legal representation as soon as possible from the firm.

Cannabis Law

At Pot Brothers At Law, we combine our knowledge and familiarity with the cannabis industry with current trends and upturns in the industry. We know much of the product-related, and licensing issues surrounding the industry. Because business law and litigation for cannabis-related matters for your business can be difficult to grasp at first, rest assured that you are in good hands when you work with us.

Civil Litigation - Defense

Requires more than an in-depth knowledge of state and federal law and procedure. It also requires a detailed understanding of the inner workings of the client's industry or business. Even more importantly, it calls for particular attention to each client's unique concerns and goals, providing defense for all matters concerning business litigation from breach of contract, fraud, ADA defense from frivolous lawsuits, and protecting small business owners.

Criminal Defense

Providing aggressive defense for all felonies and misdemeanors from traffic citations to attempted murder and everything in between. Concentrating on Cannabis related criminal allegations such as sales, possession, transportation, distribution and cultivation. Providing clients with advice and counsel on how to minimize exposure to criminal liability.

Drug Crimes

Whether you are facing charges related to cannabis possession, cultivation, possession of cannabis for sale, cannabis transportation, or any other drug crime, Pot Brothers At Law has the high-quality defense strategies that you need.


California is extremely hard on those convicted of a DUI. Even if the DUI charge is a first offense, the penalties can be severe and life-altering. Jail time, fines and a criminal record can all play a part in a DUI conviction. These repercussions can make finding quality employment and housing difficult.


Pot Brothers At Law is very experienced in all expungement proceedings. They can advise you of the different options you have so that the most customized plan can be carried out to potentially get your criminal record erased. Once criminal records are expunged, a person can legally state that they have never been convicted of any crime before, at any time in their life.

Gang Allegations

One of the toughest cases to defend in Los Angeles criminal court is any charge that contains an allegation that the accused is associated with a gang or a gang member. Craig and Marc Wasserman of Pot Brothers At Law are experts in the nuances of defending persons accused of committing gang crimes.

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General Counsel

For your personal and business matters - handling Negotiations, contract review and preparation, overseeing all general legal matters including assistance in finding specialized attorneys (Intellectual property, corporate specialist, probate, family law) and overseeing their billing practices to ensure our clients have proper legal representation for all areas of their legal needs.

Jury Trial

A jury trial is the most dramatic part of litigation. Even when a case is resolved or settled before a jury trial, what would or could happen at the jury trial always plays an important role in the negotiations. Trial lawyers are the client’s advocates who go into the courtroom and argue their client’s case before either the judge alone (bench trial, motions) or before a jury and judge in a jury trial.


Considered the most serious charge, a murder charge can result in a long prison sentence, and in some murder cases, in the death penalty. A person is charged with murder if it is suspected that the act was premeditated. If the murder is found to not have been deliberate or premeditated, a manslaughter charge may be made.


While misdemeanor charges are less serious than felony charges, they still may involve serious penalties such as fines, jail time, or loss of driving privileges. We understand that your future is at stake when facing charges. With that in mind, our criminal defense lawyers look at all possible options in order to minimize any consequences you might face.

Property Crimes

Property crimes, often referred to as crimes against property, can be serious offenses in California, with strict penalties upon conviction. If you or a loved one was arrested in connection with a property crime, we encourage you to schedule a consultation immediately.

Violent Crimes

If you are suspected of murder, aggravated assault or another violent crime, an experienced criminal defense attorney can secure your rights. Our office prides itself in offering experienced, compassionate, and dedicated representation on behalf of our adult and juvenile clients. When you or a family member faces a violent crime charge, contact Pot Brothers At Law.

Workers Compensation

Handling all aspects of Work Injuries, representing injured workers to ensure they get everything they are entitled to under the ever-changing California Workers Compensation Laws. Also provides defense for Small Businesses that do not have traditional work comp insurance coverage.

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