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Our Marijuana Legal Services for California

by Marijuana Business Lawyers, Pot Brothers at Law

When you decide to open a cannabis-related business, in California, many different factors to consider.

You want a Marijuana Business Lawyer with experience in Marijuana Laws and Regulations and Pot Brothers at Law provides the Cannabis Legal Services you need.

Pot Brothers at Law of Orange County, have been providing Marijuana Legal Services to Marijuana Business Owners in Los Angeles, Orange County, and throughout California and have become the Go-to Marijuana Business and Criminal Defense Attorneys with over 30 years experience, in cannabis business consulting and compliance, assisting clients with all aspects of permitting, licensing, compliance and regulations for all types of Cannabis related Businesses.

Marijuana Legal Services for All aspects of Cannabis Compliance, Permitting & Licensing

So this is where it all starts for your Marijuana Business in California with Pot Brothers at Law's Extensive experience with State Licensing and Local Permitting as their top Marijuana Legal Services. Pot Brothers at Law who also services Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County and all of California, has a proven track record in gaining local approval for our clients, and more importantly, a tool kit of proven approaches that clear the politically pathways. And, once our clients obtain appropriate local approval, we will then help them obtain State licenses beginning in 2018 and beyond (see below). There are steps cannabis operators can take right now to help them get local approval and later, a state license.

The local permitting process has many facets and stages: educating elected officials, identifying key stakeholders, gaining approval from local elected and private partners to open up the local permitting process, and drawing help from our statewide network of respected and ethical connections – in industry, in government and in the community-based organizations. Contact Pot Brothers Today for your Cannabis Legal Services Consultation.

Marijuana Legal Services for Criminal Defense

Marijuana Legal Services provided by Marijuana Lawyers, Pot Brothers at Law for Criminal Defense.

With 22 years experience, Marijuana Lawyers, Pot Brothers at Law of Orange County have been providing Cannabis Legal Servicesfor Aggressive Criminal Defense, concentrating on Cannabis related criminal allegations such as sales, possession, transportation, distribution and cultivation throughout Southern California and regularly practice in all the local courthouses from Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego Counties, including also Northern and Central California. So it's important to deal with anexperienced criminal defense attorney to represent you to the fullest exstinct of the law, and that's California's Award Winning Cannabis Attorneys, Pot Brothers at Law.

Marijuana Legal Services for Real Estate Consulting

Marijuana Legal Services provided by Marijuana Lawyers, Pot Brothers at Law for Criminal Defense.

One of the very first questions for Pot Brothers at Law's Marijuana Legal Services for Cannabis Businesses in California's new laws and regulations is the property to which the marijuana business is to be conducted. Through our various networks and connections, Pot Brothers at Law can help your business find and secure an ideal space or real estate for any type of cannabis business. With experience navigating zoning issues and the politics of getting local permits approved, we are uniquely positioned to guide your business through the exceedingly complicated process of acquiring property and getting it permitted by local authorities and is your perfect choice for Real Estate Consulting through our Marijuana Legal Services for Businesses.


Pot Brothers at Law are Southern California's choice marijuana lawyers, cannabis business law, regulatory compliance, and a criminal defense firm with offices located in Orange County, California, located 30 min South of Los Angeles.

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Possessing the skills and expertise as if a large firm, providing innovation and with client centric values, efficiency driven results.

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Pot Brothers at Law stands proud to provide our clients with exceptional representation and an unsurpassed work product.

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Being prominent and experienced medical cannabis attorneys, having a comprehensive view of the unique needs of the cannabis industry and offers a wide range of legal services including business formation, transactions, regulatory compliance, and criminal defense..

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