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1.) known as deism: that God created the univers

Season 14 Episode 9 online (https://littlelullaby.org.uk/groups/season-14-episode-9-online-freetv-hd/)

2.) did i smoke canna?

hey guys! couple of hours ago i got this great new product from my guy, but i have never smoke anything like this! my pupils are much bigger than my usual highs and i feel great. im a little paranoid and i thought maybe the weed man gave me something stronger to have me come back, then i was...

3.) s some aspect of nature that is

australian open second round live stream (https://littlelullaby.org.uk/groups/watch-liveaustralian-open-second-round-live-onlne/)

4.) Can you sometimes feel it?

Real Madrid vs Leganes live stream (https://littlelullaby.org.uk/groups/watchsportsleganes-vs-real-madrid-live-stream-online-watch/)

5.) UFC 220 Live Online

UFC 220 Live Online (https://www.facebook.com/events/255596974978345/)

6.) to diagnose law deficiency, not to make laws.

leganes vs real madrid live stream (https://littlelullaby.org.uk/groups/leganes-vs-real-madrid-live-online/)


leganes vs real madrid live streaming (https://littlelullaby.org.uk/groups/streaming-live2018-leganes-vs-real-madrid-live-online-free-soccer-1994837110/)

8.) uniquely close relationship

Real Madrid vs Leganes Live Streaming (https://littlelullaby.org.uk/groups/foxreal-madrid-vs-leganes-live-stream-copa-del-rey-onlinethursday-18-jan-2018-tv-coverage/)

9.) Pax or Davinci IQ users... Looking for your feedback!

Hey vapers looking for feedback on an idea I've been working on. The idea came about as a way to solve common issues my buddies and I have had with the personal style portable vaporizers, mainly the Pax2,3 and Davinci IQ. I love both these devices but loading on the go, _unloading_, trying to...

10.) the golden stars gospel music

the golden stars gospel music Edmund vs Basilashvili Live Stream (https://www.facebook.com/events/1950951575222147/) Carreno Busta vs Muller Live Stream (https://www.facebook.com/events/149928182332651/) Seppi vs Karlovic Live Stream (https://www.facebook.com/events/118512172291454/) Dimitrov...

11.) Growing Shed - Planning Stages - Looking for advice

Hello my 420Magazine friends! So legal growing, yeah this is new to me. I grew outdoor in NorCal for many, many years and now am changing up to indoor. I have a couple of tents in my garage going now if you want to check my journal in my sig and am learning a lot about indoor growing. Anyway, I...

12.) Got big problem! !! First time grower

Can I cut leaves & branches that have died due to heat stress when they're 4-5 week's into flowering

13.) 220W Neon Lights for Vegetation

Hello, Im not sure where to post this so if this is wrong board then tell me. But I was thinking of buying vegetation space for my plants with 60x60x90cm stats and I was wondering if I can use 220W Neon lights to vegetate them till the very end before I switch off to flowering? I plan on...

14.) New Member to 420...best place to introduce a product?

Excited to be new member. Need some advice on how to get the word out on a new vaporizer packing product I have created. Any advice would be appreciated as I haven't the slightest idea of where to start.

15.) IDEAS - best new strain a to grow + seed bank to get from

Hello all. I'm a 420MAG lurker that is in process of adding strains to my portfolio. Im only looking for the best of the best strains to add to my current team of girls. I currently run 3 strains, but want to move to 6. The 3 i run are bubbas gift, cookies kush, and purple kush. These strains are...

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