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 Marc Wasserman

Marc Wasserman is a renaissance man as evidenced by his extensive array of experiences and diverse influences on his style. He attended Whitney High School, one of the top ranking High Schools in the Country; the subject of the bestselling book School of Dreams. With his own dreams of becoming an actor and filmmaker, Marc founded and was the first president of his High School’s Drama Club.

His focus throughout his high school years was on the arts; thriving in his acting workshops and performing in summer stock musicals and plays. Each high school experience collectively prepared him for his college career as a Theater Arts major at the University of California Irvine.

While attending UC Irvine, Marc was faced with an unanticipated obstacle; he was diagnosed with the potentially fatal illness, Meningitis and was bed ridden for 5 months.

Once he recovered, he decided to take a break and withdrew from college, leaving in good standing. From there he went to Hollywood to pursue his dreams. After years of hard work, landing roles in plays, films, television, musicals and PSA’s, Marc added writing to his resume. His first screenplay was titled Terminal which is based on his near death experience with meningitis.

Marc also tried his hand in filmmaking, writing a script that he ultimately decided to produce himself; though it was halted due to financial issues. After some thought, in 1992 Marc returned to college.

Instead of returning to UC Irvine, he chose to attend 4 different community colleges, cramming 3 years of schooling into just 1 ½ years. Realizing his full potential, Marc’s focus shifted from The Arts to Law. He made the decision to take the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) and enrolled at Western State University College of Law in Fullerton, CA.

Marc had completed several college courses in the past, but his strength in academics was not apparent until Law School. It was the fear of failure that pushed him to excel, spending countless hours studying in the Law Library. Resulting from his commitment to succeed, he became an honor student, won an American Jurisprudence Award for legal writing, and completed Law School in just 2 ½ years.

Marc’s next step was to take The California State Bar exam, which was more of a challenge; passing the test on his third attempt. His experience is documented in his semi autobiographical film, Triple Latte. Marc was sworn in June, 1996 and became an attorney; while that same year, Prop 215 passed in California.

Rather than work for a big law firm, Marc opened his own law office and began practicing criminal defense. Aligning his legal achievements with the passing of Prop 215, the majority of cases were related to those wrongly accused of marijuana crimes under the new law.

Over the next 20 years, Marc divided his time between his law practice, making movies, and starting a family.

In 1996 he and his best friend David Cohen established Res Ipsa Production and produced his play ‘Terminal’ which Marc had written years earlier. It ran at the McCadden Theater in Hollywood for an entire month before premiering on the big screen at the Bare Bones International Film Festival in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

Marc continued producing, writing, and acting for several projects; all of which are noted on his IMDB page.

Today, Marc is one ½ of the business Pot Brothers at Law, which was co-founded with his brother Craig, and he is 1 of 4 that make up the Cannabis Talk 101 team.

Marc is married and currently has 3 children. His background in the arts combined with his legal expertise has contributed to the successful development of various platforms utilized for advocacy and education regarding the laws surrounding cannabis. Through these platforms, Marc continues to help spread awareness while showing the public that you can be a professional and work in the cannabis industry.


Precedent Representation

Outstanding Support


Whether you are acquiring, selling, or merging, it is important that you understand your rights throughout the process and how to ensure that your business follows up on all regulations.

Cross Examining

When the law isn't telling the truth

Tough Litigator

Experienced, Aggressive and Fast on my Feet

Trusted Voice in the Cannabis Community

Co-founder of the Cannabis Voice

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Works tirelessly to provide strong and innovative representation to each client.

Pot Brothers at Law Key Legal Services

Pot Brothers at law works tirelessly to provide strong and innovative representation to each client and to grow their business, access capital, and raise their profile on a national and international level. Whether you are a publicly traded company or a developing start-up, our goal is always to focus on delivering an unmatched quality of representation and obtain the absolute best results.

Criminal Defense

We handle all areas of Criminal defense, infractions, misdemeanors and felonies. Special focus on Cannabis related crimes.

Formation of Proper Cannabis Business Entity

Setting up the appropriate business entity to apply for local permitting and state licensing.

Family Law

Representing Divorce, Child Custody and visitation matters, Child and Spousal support matters and domestic violence issues.

Workers Compensation

Handling all aspects of Work Injuries, representing both Employer and Employees.

Debt Relief

Deal with nagging creditors and negotiating settlements for pennies on the dollar in most unsecured debt cases.

Adult Use Medical Cannabis Regulation Safety Act (AUMCRSA))

Our Southern California cannabis industry attorneys are extensively
familiar with the MMRSA and can help you protect your business ventures.

State Licenses for Cannabis Businesses

At Pot Bothers at Law, we understand the different processes involved in state licensing and registration for cannabis-related

Cannabis Manufacturing Type 6 and 7 Licenses

Pot Brother at Law works with Operators Manufacturing Edibles, Topicals, Concentrates and Other Cannabis Products in Obtaining
           required Licenses


Have You Been Arrested?
The criminal process could unearth many uncertainties. We can answer your questions along the way.

This firm was able to get 4 felony charges, 2 arrests a few years apart, dismissed due to unreasonable search and seizure and lying under oath. I would not trust my freedoms to any other firm. Plus they went to bat for me and was able to successfully get an Court Order to return all the medical cannabis, money, phones, wax, edibles, for my Delivery service I used to run. They are also educating the cannabis community on their civil rights and CA laws. Follow them on Instagram, Pot_Brothers_At_Law.

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